arche noVa is Sven Seifert's lifetime achievement

In 1992, Sven Seifert and five friends set off for Northern Iraq in an aid transport.

A short time later they founded arche noVa - Initiative for People in Need e.V. Even in GDR times it was clear to the engineer that he wanted to see and change the world.

Under his leadership, the vision of a small group of young Dresdeners became an internationally recognised organisation for humanitarian aid and development cooperation and, last but not least, a civil society voice for tolerance and helpfulness in Saxony.

Sven Seifert did not accept standard solutions, humanitarian aid and development cooperation had to be adapted to the respective context. Solutions should be developed together with those affected on the ground and not over their heads. He also passed this view on to his fellow campaigners.

Leadership with strategic foresight and never-ending energy and willpower

He had the ability to inspire people and to represent things that were important to him in a committed and militant way.

His great idealism was coupled with a realistic assessment of what was possible. He acted according to the motto "A path emerges when you walk it". He was not deterred by seemingly insurmountable obstacles and bureaucratic hurdles from providing help where it was needed.

Stages of Life

1962 Born in Lommatzsch near Meissen
1983 Vocational training with Abitur as KFZ locksmith until 1989 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
bis 1989 Diplomstudiengang Maschineningenieurwesen
1990 Training as environmental engineer and cooperation in the environmental protection association "Grüne Liga" (Green League)
1992 Initiation of a private aid transport to Iraq, subsequent foundation ofarche noVa
1993 Project coordinator for humanitarian aid during the civil war in Bosnia
1996 postgraduate studies in environmental resource protection
1998 Training as an international election observer by the Federal Foreign Office
2001 Mission for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) as election observer in Kosovo
1995 - 2008 Foreign Program Manager for arche noVa
2009 -2014: Managing Director of arche noVa and head of foreign programs
2016: Receipt of the Federal Cross of Merit
2015 - 2018: Managing director of arche noVa and foreign programme manager

Ausgewählte Auslandseinsätze

  • 1993 Bosnia
  • 2002 and 2003 Iraq
  • 2005 and 2006 Pakistan
  • 2007 and 2010 Sri Lanka
  • 2009 Myanmar
  • 2010 Indonesia
  • 2011 Haiti
  • 2011 Ethiopia
  • 2012 Syria
  • 2014 Kenya
  • 2013 Philippines
  • 2014 Bosnia
Grafik einer Weltkarte
Eine Collage über Sven Seifert

Sven Seifert Funds

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Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE78 8502 0500 0003 5735 00

The name of Sven Seifert is inseparably linked with the history of arche noVa. To this day, the humanitarian work of the Dresden aid organisation is still moved by the spirit of his work.

The emergency aid and development cooperation that arche noVa provides in many parts of the world is made possible above all by the committed commitment of local employees. They often work under difficult conditions, as medical care in crisis regions is often inadequate and serious illnesses, accidents or even death can cause high costs. Here arche noVa bears a special responsibility and therefore launches the Sven Seifert Fund. This is intended to symbolically support local arche noVa-employees when they themselves or their family members are affected by a serious emergency. The basis of the fund is provided by the donations received by arche noVa on the occasion of the death of Sven Seifert. In total, more than 6,000 euros were raised. Even now it is possible to support the fund with a special donation.

You want to support arche noVa?

Together we can make the world a bit fairer and help people who urgently need support. Donate for the projects of arche noVa. Every donation - no matter how small - is welcome.

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